Investigating and Researching Paranormal Activity

                                  ABOUT US

Victorian Phantom Hunters was formed by Troy Williams in 2005 after having some paranormal experiences in his early days which left many questions unanswered.

Over the years Troy has built and trained a small team of dedicated people to investigate and research paranormal events in Victoria, Australia.

All our members bring unique talents with them, helping to build a diverse team. Victorian Phantom Hunters Investigate alleged Haunted locations including buildings, private residence, cemeteries, open landmarks etc. and conduct themselves in a professional and discreet manner.

We take a scientific approach to investigations and use modern equipment and techniques to get a detailed outcome, we don't use mediums or psychics, however don't discriminate if they wish to join the group.

Our team DO NOT CHARGE anything for an investigation and all evidence and information gathered is for our own research, we respect the clients decision for information not to be made public if requested.

To contact us for an investigation or any questions please  email Troy at:

 [email protected]