TEAM MEMBERS

Troy Williams - Lead Researcher/ Investigator & Director:

Troy has studied the Paranormal for well over Ten years, due to a personal experience early on in Life.

In 2005 Troy Started his own Paranormal research team to conduct investigations and research in all aspects of the paranormal field as there were so many different opinions and fake photos and so called "evidence" out there he wanted to get the truth scientifically.

Troy selected his own members individually based on different skills and beliefs, however investigating in a scientific manner.

Troy has studied Poltergeist phenomena, Psychical research, Cryptozoology and has interests in Ufology, residual hauntings and technological aspects of paranormal research.

Troy also works along side Lantern Ghost Tours sometimes as a Ghost Host.


Melissa McKenna - Co-Founder / Researcher / Investigator


Andrew McKenna - Tech Specialist / Researcher / Investigator:

Andrews interest in Photography started in 1989 in the study of manipulation of film in order to create various illusions, furthermore advanced with Kodak training in 1999 developing film.

Recording various bands during late 90's to early 2000's gave a rounded view  to all recorded media in vision and sound. This provides a balanced view to anomalies that can occur during varied forms of recording data.


Shane Majoros - Ufology Specialist



Andrew Jones - Researcher / Investigator

Andrew  has been researching the Paranormal since 2003; his interest was sparked by a photo that he captured at Port Arthur. Andrew made it his quest to try to get an understanding of the realms beyond our physical dimension. Andrew  has studied aspects of the Paranormal and components of human psychology, and has a love for Gothic art / architecture. Andrew is also a spiritual believer and Is  open to all possibilities of life and our existence, he holds great faith in the spiritual beliefs of the Native American Indians and their wisdom.

Many inconceivable encounters in relation to the Paranormal have left Andrew with life changing views and beliefs, to date he has been able to document some very credible evidence that are possibilities of realms beyond our physical bodies.  Andrew has been lucky to work along side Derek Acorah while he was doing his Australian Tour in 2010. He is also a part of API (Australian paranormal Investigations) & Lantern ghost tours in Williamstown.


Andrew Fitzgerald - Researcher / Investigator:

Andrews interest in the paranormal came from childhood experiences and the love of the classic Extraordinary TV show. He works as an Audio/Visual Specialist which gives him a great insight into the wonderful world of recording ghostly phenomena on many types of media devices.

Andrew  has been in the paranormal field for about 4 years and began investigating with the AGHS with Paranormal veteran Rowena Gilbert.  He is currently lead investigator for the RIP group in Tasmania and has investigated many of Australia’s most Haunted locations.


Bob Wright - Researcher / Investigator:

Bob Wright has had an interest in the Paranormal spanning 40 years, "investigating" his first supposedly haunted house over 30 years ago.....a time before digital/video cameras, electro magnetic field detectors, thermal imagery systems......just a few adventurous types investigating basements, attics and cemeteries armed with sleeping bags, torches, baby powder (to detect footprints?), tape recorders and an evening's supply of Jelly Beans and Coca Cola.


Sara Godden - Trainee Researcher / Investigator:

Sara has been interested in the paranormal from the age of 14 where she was introduced to the Amityville Horror movie. Sara was so fascinated by this movie that it made her question the unknown and what really lies beyond the afterlife. Sara had a few personal experiences that even to this day still play in her mind, she Is open minded and takes all experiences very serious.

Sara has knowledge in paranormal equipment such as the Ovilus, the K2 meter, ITC experiments, thermal imaging, Franks box and other equipment. She looks forward to working with Troy and the VPH team and seeking out the truth to the unknown.....


Ernestine Llewellyn - Trainee Researcher/ Investigator:

Ernestine has been interested in the paranormal for about 4 years now but didn't have a significant experience until March 2010 in the old Melbourne Gaol which has changed her life forever. She has had some investigation experience, operating EMF Detectors, Digital Voice Recorders etc and also using programs for analyzing EVPs.

She believes in being objective and trying to debunk theories before classing them as paranormal, sometimes though you feel things that you cannot explain and that's what keeps her curious and coming back for more.

Her paranormal encounters have led her to change her belief on life almost completely. She now studies Hinduism, Buddhism and Goddess History.

Loren Jeffery - Casual Researcher / Investigator:

Lorens first experiences started as a child sensing spirits , she later while Nursing had experiences in Hospitals and often predicting and telling after staff what they were getting in Accident and Emergency. At this stage Loren was very skeptical and really didn't want to accept that she had such abilities as it was quite frightening .

Loren went on to have her children and a couple of  years ago her abilities and paranormal experiences increased immensely to the point where she couldn't ignore it any longer due to the nature of  it being linked to a missing person whom she had since and still  works with the family and a well known medium to try to help them. Due to this happening Loren has had to question her own beliefs, and look for answers and understand what it is she experienced.

Loren has studied the Tarot extensively which also covered other courses in Tarot Healing, and Tarot MajiK. She is a certified Level 1 in Reiki and currently sits in a Medium ship Circle.



Tammy White - Casual Trainee Researcher / Investigator:

I have had a fascination with all things "paranormal/supernatural" since a very young age due to many paranormal occurrences I have encountered. I have always felt a connection to the spirit world and drawn to haunted locations. This led me to delve as far as I could into all things paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. I am a spiritual person with many beliefs and interests in this area including EVP phenomena, spirit photography, clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.
Being a qualified animal technician I have a major fascination in Cryptozoology.




Victorian Phantom Hunters was formed by Troy Williams in 2005 after having some paranormal experiences in his early days which left many questions unanswered.

Over the years Troy has built and trained a small team of dedicated people to investigate and research paranormal events in Victoria and Australia.

All our members bring unique talents with them, helping to build a diverse team. Victorian Phantom Hunters Investigate alleged Haunted locations including buildings, private residence, cemeteries, open landmarks etc. and conduct themselves in a professional and discreet manner.

We take a scientific approach to investigations and use modern equipment and techniques to get a detailed outcome, we don't discriminate against anyone's beliefs, however ask that you respect ours as well.

We do not use Ouija Boards, conduct Seances, or use  Psychics, due to personal beliefs all investigations are conducted scientifically. 

Our team DO NOT CHARGE anything for an investigation and all evidence and information gathered is for our own research, we respect the clients decision for information not to be made public if requested.

To contact us for an investigation or any questions please  email Troy at:

 [email protected]