Troy Williams - Lead Researcher/ Investigator & Founder

Troy has studied the Paranormal for well over Ten years, due to a personal experience early on in Life.

In 2005 Troy Started his own Paranormal research team called Victorian Phantom Hunters to conduct investigations and research in all aspects of the paranormal field as there were so many different opinions and fake photos and so called "evidence" out there he wanted to get the truth scientifically.

Troy selected his own members individually based on different skills and beliefs, however investigating in a scientific manner. In 2011 Troy teamed up with Andrew Jones to create an experienced research and investigation team called Ghost Tech Australia, although Troy is still close with Andrew he went back to Victorian Phantom Hunters due to goals and research he wanted to fulfil in helping people with paranormal troubles. 

Troy has studied Poltergeist phenomena, Psychical research, Cryptozoology and has interests in Ufology, residual hauntings and technological aspects of paranormal research.

Troy also works alongside Lantern Ghost Tours


Ernestine Llewellyn - Investigator / Researcher 


Ernestine has been interested in the paranormal for over 3 years but it wasn't until an encounter in 2010 changed curiosity into motivation.

 Ernestine was no longer happy to just watch paranormal shows and take what they presented as real evidence but rather go and investigate for herself with an open yet healthy skeptical and scientific approach.



 Janelle Portelli - Investigator / Researcher 


Janelle's  experiences with the paranormal started when she was very young. 

Janelle's Grandfather began practising Ouija and automatic writing when she was a child and by the age of 13 was obsessed with the phenomenon, finding she could 'do' what he was 'doing'. This ended not so well and in no way does she  practice the occult any more. 

So along with a few relatives having lived in haunted premises, and despite the darker aspects of it all, my love of all things paranormal was well set early on.

Janelle spent many years reading and familiarising herself with all sorts of paranormal phenomenon including Ufology, parapsychology, NDE's, new age and occult practises, religious  shamanistic experiences, religious beliefs, doctrine and more.

Later in life She began having more experiences, some she still cannot entirely explain today.